Balancing Efficiency & Compliance

CaseWare SMSF AuditCaseWare SMSF Audit

When first developing our CaseWare Cloud SMSF Audit™ product, we engaged an expert in the field to write our Checklist content. Sharlene Anderson is an approved SMSF Auditor and Director of Veritas Corp in Queensland. She and her team have been auditing SMSF’s for many years, so her extensive experience and specialist knowledge has been a great asset to us in the development of our SMSF Audit package.

With purpose-built technology like our Optimiser and Smart Procedures in mind, Sharlene has written our content in a way that efficiently covers all relevant audit and regulatory compliance requirement.

We have challenged the status quo a little when it comes to SMSF Audit checklists. More specifically, we have an official split in the Documents screen between the Financial and Compliance elements of the audit, and there are tailored checklists in each:

This change reflects our design approach to SMSF Audit – from its inception, we have strived to build an efficient audit solution for SMSF auditors. Compliance is always key for us, and we feel with Sharlene’s help, we have this nailed. So now we are shifting our focus to beyond the checklists and the ‘words’ – we are now looking at what else we can build into our specialist SMSF Audit product to assist with both efficiency and quality.

As outlined by Dwight Wainman (President & CEO, CaseWare International) at our customer conferences in November, “it’s all about the data”. We’re currently working hard with our integration partners and our development team to look at what else we can bring into a file that will help with your audit, and what ‘smarts’ can we incorporate into CaseWare Cloud SMSF Audit™. Stay tuned folks for some new, effective, quality developments in 2018…