Firm Settings Fact Sheet

Firm Settings  is functionality in SMSF Audit that allows firms to customise the template to suit their own internal workflows and processes. 

It is important to note though that only 1 firm template can be created in SMSF Audit, so we strongly suggest that customisations are only made where it will be common to all funds and audit files.

Specifically, the following is a list of what firms can customise under Firm Settings:
  • Add firm documents and templates (i.e checklists, testing work papers, template letters and reports) 
  • Add document placeholders
  • Hide existing template documents 
  • Add new procedures to template checklists 
  • Hide existing procedures in template checklists 
  • Enter comments/notes in checklist documents 
  • Add suggested benchmarks and/or percentages to Materiality worksheet
  • Add common risks to Risk Report
  • Add Query templates
  • Add Query documents
  • Determine the list of Class reports available during a Class import

Below are a few actions you cannot perform in your Firm Template.

  • Edit or move existing CaseWare template content including document numbers, documents and checklist programs procedures.
  • Pre-determine Annotations and Issues.
If your firm would like to utilise Firm Settings, please contact the SMSF Audit support team for assistance with enabling this in your SMSF Audit template:

SMSF Audit Support team
(03) 9660 4655
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