Frequently Asked Questions

There are a number of questions that we’ve been asked frequently about CaseWare SMSF Audit and so we thought it would be good to publish them here.

Are you an existing CaseWare SMSF Audit subscriber?
If so, please click here to refer to our comprehensive FAQ knowledge base.

Why is CaseWare SMSF Audit the solution of choice for auditors?

Drawing upon CaseWare’s industry knowledge and experience, we have designed and built an audit tool specifically for auditing SMSFs, focusing on eliminating the challenges faced by SMSF auditors. Our CaseWare SMSF Audit solution allows auditors to perform a paperless audit with a host of efficiency and automation measures to assist with performing a better quality audit.

CaseWare SMSF Audit is an intuitive tool designed by auditors – for auditors. With a proven track record of over 20 years, you can be certain that SMSF Audit will deliver genuine business benefits.

Why should I move from my current audit system to the CaseWare SMSF Audit solution?

CaseWare’s audit solution is perfect for SMSF audits. By utilising new technology, to drive efficiencies through the audit process, SMSF Audit delivers better audit outcomes. Workpapers have been designed specifically to reduce unnecessary workflows, while using automation to tailor each file to suit the needs of the audit.

How can CaseWare Cloud improve my SMSF audits?

CaseWare Cloud is a secure collaborative platform for SMSF Audit and other applications. It allows collaboration and secure communication with your staff and clients while integrating with a number of applications to help you manage, track and analyse your audits.

Communication between staff and contacts is securely transmitted and contained only within CaseWare Cloud. This means that you automatically have an audit trail of all communications.

What are the other applications in CaseWare Cloud and do I need to pay extra to use them?

CaseWare Cloud hosts a range of valuable applications that can further enhance the auditor’s working environment such as:

  • Real-time chat
  • Client portal for secure communication and client management
  • File Management consolidating documentation and providing accessibility
  • Reporting and analytical tools to help you better manage the business
  • Integrating with CaseWare Working Papers, allowing you to utilise our CaseWare Online environment to collaborate on your audit for larger audits
  • A time and billing record system that is accessible anytime, anywhere

Currently, all of these applications are included as part of your CaseWare Cloud subscription

Can I use SMSF Audit without the desktop CaseWare software?

Yes you can. SMSF Audit is an online product that is accessed through your web browser. CaseWare Working Papers is installed and used on a Windows PC.

Aside from my computer, how can I access my CaseWare SMSF Audit engagement file

CaseWare SMSF Audit has been designed to work using a browser on any internet-enabled mobile devices.

Supported Devices
  • Apple
    • iPhone 6 (using iOS 8.1 or higher)
    • iPhone 5S (using iOS 8.1 or higher)
  • Samsung
    • Galaxy Nexus (using Android 4.2.1 or higher)
    • Samsung Galaxy S4 (using Android 4.2.1 or higher)
  • Blackberry
    • Z10
    • Q10
  • Apple
    • iPad with Retina Display (using iOS 8.1 or higher)
    • iPad 2 (using iOS 8.1 or higher)
  • Google
    • Nexus 7 (using Android 5.0 or higher)
    • Nexus 10 (using Android 5.0 or higher)
  • Asus
    • Transformer Infinity Pad (using Android 4.2.1 or higher) with Google Chrome
Supported Browsers

CaseWare Cloud is supported on the following browsers. We recommend that you use one of these browsers for the best experience on your desktop computer

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 10+

When working in the web, it is essential that you keep your browser up-to-date in order to receive the latest enhancements and security updates. We also recommend a minimum screen resolution of 1280×800 pixels and a minimum browser width of 1024 pixels.

How secure is my data in the cloud?

All data is stored in state-of-the-art data centres operated in Australia by Amazon Web Services (AWS). Amazon provides physical security and logical controls, while the platform is also covered by a SSAE 16 report and is PCI Level 1 certified, ISO 27001 certified and compliant with all major security control frameworks. All data transferred to and from CaseWare Cloud is encrypted at the same strength used in online banking.

For more information on AWS security, please click here. For more information about AWS compliance, reports and certifications, please click here.

How do I manage user access to my files?

CaseWare Cloud employs top-down approach security where an administrator user is given full rights. Staff are then assigned roles with limitations based on the access they require. Clients access to information can be managed according to permissions determined by the site administrator.

Do my unused audits expire?

CaseWare SMSF Audits have no expiry date. This enables customers to receive full value for their purchase and receive a price advantage when purchasing larger number of audits at one time.

How does a reviewer track their files ready for review?

CaseWare SMSF Audit has a built-in dashboard and file view function that allows you to easily monitor the audit progress as well as viewing the audit files that require your attention. In here, you can also track the staff who are assigned to an engagement and the number of engagement each user is assigned to.

Do keyboard shortcuts work in SMSF Audit?

As CaseWare SMSF Audit is a web-based tool, it is accessible using your web browser. Therefore, only shortcuts applicable to your chosen browser, such as copy and paste, will work within SMSF Audit.

How can I learn more about how SMSF Audit works?

CaseWare SMSF Audit solution is specifically tailored to meet the needs of SMSF auditors. Our staff will work with you to explain and demonstrate the features of SMSF Audit and show you how SMSF Audit can improve your audits and lower costs at the same time.

As a current CaseWare customer, what do I have to do to access CaseWare’s SMSF Audit solution?

For customers currently on CaseWare Cloud, simply call our Sales team to discuss the number of SMSF Audit packs you require. For CaseWare customers who have yet to migrate to CaseWare Cloud, our Sales team will work with you to develop a total solution incorporating Working Papers, Audit System and SMSF Audit.

A CaseWare Sales representative can be contacted on +613 9660 4680 or email us at

Is there training available for CaseWare SMSF Audit?

CaseWare SMSF Audit employs online training modules to provide our customers with a flexible self-learning option. Training courses are designed to focus on task specific topics with further resources available through CaseWare Australia and CaseWare International’s online help portal. This approach enables administrators, auditors, managers/partners to select training materials specific to their role.

E-learning subscription is available for a 12 month period enabling ongoing reference and helping you consolidate your learning.

CaseWare provides alternate delivery methods such as face-to-face and online facilitated training programs. For more information about these options, please contact our Sales team on +613 9660 4680.

Is there any training available for my SMSF Administrators or Accountants who may need to use the system as a client?

Information and videos have been developed for clients of SMSF auditors who need to access CaseWare Cloud to upload information or respond to auditor queries. Training materials for your client will be available via our online training site.

How do I access Support for CaseWare SMSF Audit?

Your CaseWare SMSF Audit subscription includes Support. CaseWare has a dedicated Support team accessible through email and telephone, while our e-learning videos and online help database can also be used as a point of reference.

Need to know more about CaseWare SMSF Audit?

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