Purpose-Built SMSF Audit Offering

CaseWare SMSF Audit blends intuitive features and content into a powerful tool supporting contemporary work practices, and superior audit quality. Supplemented by our premium training and support, auditors can use SMSF Audit with confidence, trust and certainty.


Seamless content and compliance updates

Thanks to SMSF Audit, keeping current with relevant audit standards and legislation changes is no longer onerous. The seamless content updates in SMSF Audit mean you no longer need to be concerned about non-compliance exposures in your audits.


Optimised content and smart procedures

Delivering high quality audits in the shortest possible time was the brief from our clients – CaseWare SMSF Audit delivers this by live tailoring of content using our Optimiser and Smart Procedure technology – no more time is wasted on unnecessary procedures and the integrity of each audit is maintained.


Training and support

With more than 20 years of audit solution experience in Australia, CaseWare is here to stay. With our comprehensive e-learning and online knowledge base, along with our experienced support team, you’ll always have reliable and responsive support from us when you need it.


Paperless audit files

The profession’s need to easily access audit information from anywhere while being assured of data security is why SMSF Audit delivers a paperless solution to auditors. The CaseWare Cloud platform provides a secure environment for you to store all data, documentation and communication relating to your SMSF audits in one accessible location.

Other Features and Benefits

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Features and Benefits