CaseWare – Driving Audit Confidence

CaseWare’s audit solutions are developed with more than 20 years of customer feedback and refinements, ensuring our products can do what we say they will do for your business.



Business confidence inevitably drives growth and confidence comes from knowing you have the best of CaseWare’s industry knowledge and experience working for you and your customers.

Founded in 1988, CaseWare is the dominant provider of accounting and auditing software used by domestic and global accounting firms and a leading provider for governments, tax authorise and corporations.

Partnering with CaseWare will build confidence …

  • for business growth
  • for service delivery
  • in your auditing systems



CaseWare has been developing premium audit software for over 20 years. With proven products and exemplary technical training and support, you can trust that we’re here to stay.

Our staff have extensive accounting, auditing and computing experience, necessary for the successful development and support of our Audit and Financials templates utilising CaseWare Working Papers and other complementary products.

Partnering with CaseWare will build trust with …

  • the people you work with
  • the technology you engage
  • the content necessary to get the job done



As with all our products, you can be certain CaseWare’s SMSF Audit delivers genuine business benefits – it’s why we are the choice partner in audit solutions in Australian accounting firms.

CaseWare currently provides audit solutions to most of Australia’s top accounting firms. These relationships help to ensure continuous refinement of our systems technology to meet the needs of audit and accounting firms.

Partnering with CaseWare you can be certain …

  • to see improved efficiency
  • our content will keep you compliant
  • we’ll be there when you need us

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